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What is postAprop?

Any easy=to-use real estate landing page service with built in email marketing, full hosting, Facebook integrated pages, single property sites, & personal agent sites.  Provided to agents at one low cost.

Unlimited Pages

Real estate landing pages including pages with Facebook integration.

Email Marketing

Each page has built in email marketing with drip email & autoresponder.


Agent & Property Sites

Personal agent sites and unlimited single property sites are included.

Easy Setup & Low Cost

Low price point & easy setup add up to an exceptional ROI for users.

Agents Use Us To...

Generate new leads, improve all of their marketing (especially on Facebook), create valuable marketing lists of buyers & sellers, & use our email marketing to nurture their leads into clients and referrals..  

On top of that...we help to build your brand in your local market.

The Special Offer

We create a complete Facebook campaign for your business.


4 Key Benefits For You

Taking advantage of this special offer and all of the services provided by postAprop will provide you with these 4 benefits:


More Leads

We aren't reinventing the wheel here.  We make it easy to create proven lead generating campaigns.


Marketing Lists

Build valuable marketing lists & utilize email marketing to nurture your lists.  This is critical to building your business.


Brand Building

Puts your business in front of more locals while providing value to both buyers & sellers.


Excellent ROI

Combination of low price point & proven marketing adds up to an exceptional ROI for your business.

Lets get rolling in 3 easy steps

We are ready to jump start your business with this special offer. 


1. You Choose A Campaign

After your order, you'll have the option to choose your campaign inside our site.

2. We Create It

The team at postAprop will create it and send a live example for your review.

3. See Instant Results

After you approve it, you'll unleash the new campaign for instant results & benefits.

These Examples Are Working

Below you'll find several examples that are working well for agents for both buyer & seller leads on Facebook.  As an added benefit, all of these pages will build your brand recognition in your local market.

The "Just Sold" campaign.  We love it and so do buyers and sellers. We target the immediate radius around the property address. This campaign gets a lot of interest, clicks, and leads. offers brand building benefits.

This page offers a list of homes available below the average rent in the area.

In most areas, there's a strong demand for homes under the median price. We're marketing to this niche. This page is very effective at building a buyer's list.

Offering quality content with a local flavor works .  This page offers a mobile optimized seller report that is customized to your local market.

Everything is customizable with the onine editor including all of the content in the report.

Forget Zillow or any online estimate. This page offers more value to the seller with a "REAL CMA from a local Realtor".  This value is clearly highlighted on the page.

Another example of a clean page design that is great for both lead generation and brand building.

The "Coming Soon" page generates early buzz on your listing, makes your sellers very happy, while also generating buyer and seller leads.

Another benefit? Add it to your listing presentation as part of your online marketing plan.  

This page design has a video popup on autoplay.  In this example, the video offers  loan tips for First Time Buyers with a clear call-to-action.

This great design can be used with any video, any offer, and any type of lead generation. 

We borrowed this concept from an article in Inman news but we upgraded the design with Facebook integration.

Works in any price range or niche (such as single family, pool homes, golf course, vacation homes, erc) by offering a specific list of homes available.

This buyer report is presented in a clean manner,   The report is customized for the location (in this case Torrance, CA) with the agent photo, name, and conact info inside the report.

Pages offering this type of content also work well when linked to the agent's main website.

This design offers a first time buyer report that includes a link to loan programs in the any area in the United States.  The lead can search a database of local loan programs.

Background colors can be customized to match your business and logo.

This page is all about using your listing for lead generation and business building.  It's proven to be very effective.  

Every new listing you have should utilize this tool.  After lead capture, you can send the lead to your website or a single property site from postAprop.

A list of Just Sold properties and. for some users, a Market Report are offered here.  Great at building a marketing list of buyers and sellers.

This is a flexible page design to be used for all types of lead generation.  Any background image can be used.

Live page example?

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Your Lead Flow

Our Facebook Integrated Landing Pages make the lead capture process much easier for potential leads. It results in a higher conversion rate of clicks into leads for you.

We make the process easier by eliminating the need to complete a form on the page.  Just click and capture. From Facebook post or ad to your Facebook integrated landing page. and then directly into your lead database.

Check out the lead flow from Facebook to your lead database in the graphic below.


Nurture Your Leads

 Once in your lead database, use email, phone, and text to nurture the leads into clients and referrals.

That's the formula and it works.

Take advantage of our special offer and let us create a Facebook landing page for you.

Added Bonus includes

Matching graphics to use with your Facebook campaign.

Your page comes with matching graphics.




3 Point Summary

The special offer on this page includes:

1. A complete Facebook integrated landing page built for you.
2. Matching graphics to use with your Facebook posts/ads.
3. postAprop for 1 year with unlimited pages, single property sites, personal agent sites, full hosting & email marketing.

Your Total Cost?

 It works out to about 80 cents/day for all of our services including this special offer.

Don't be fooled by the low cost.  Our service offers a number of benefits that will produce an EXCEPTIONAL ROI for you.  We often hear that using postAprop was "the best investment I made for my real estate business".

At this should be excited and ready to roll.

Up next?  It's time to get started with postAprop. Please scroll down for the pricing table and special offer.

It's time to get started

Order the "Special" below for a FREE campaign built for you.


$ 39 .97/month

  • Unlimited Pages Including Facebook
  • Single Property Sites & Personal Agent Sites
  • Full Hosting & Email Marketing


$ 24 .99/month*

  • Unlimited Pages Including Facebook
  • Single Property Sites & Personal Agent Sites
  • Full Hosting & Email Marketing
  • Save 38% Off Monthly Plan


$ 24 .99/month*

  • Unlimited Pages Including Facebook
  • Single Property Sites & Personal Agent Sites
  • Full Hosting & Email Marketing
  • Save 38% Off Monthly Plan
  • Done-For-Page Built For You

***Annual & Special Plan require to prepay for one year.  
Total cost is $299.99/year.

After Signup

 After you complete your order, we'll email instructions on how to get started and what we need from you to create your marketing campaign.

To learn more about postAprop, see all of the features & benefits, & check out live page examples, please click the button below.

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